MWG District Competition

COVID19 has certainly given all of us challenges both personally, workwise and with our sport.

Our sport of choice has been particularly fortunate in that we were given the opportunity for our golf courses to be maintained to a certain extent. We have also been able to play a version of golf at level 3.

We are now heading into level 2 and with that there are obviously various health and safety regulations in which we need to comply both on the course and in the Club House. The main aim therefore over the next period of time is for all of our Golf Clubs to manage the new procedures and welcome back their members.

To allow you to concentrate on this it has been decided by your committee that all Pennant competitions within the district, both men’s and women’s, will be cancelled for 2020 and start afresh in 2021.

We will keep you updated with regards to any other programmed events as this obviously is dependent on where regulations take us and how your Golf Clubs are managing.

We wish you all the best with managing the new ‘normal’.

You can refer to the NZ Golf website for any information you need, or make contact with either David Townend, Rhys Watkins or your district committee. For NZ Golf matters or advice, you can contact Dayne Bulloch, our Regional Support Manager.