2021 Pennant Dates and Venues

For the 2021 Pennant season the men's and women's committees have agreed on some changes to condense the number of venues for each round. This will mean that the Men's A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, Handicap, and the women's Championship and Weekend competitions will take place over just 2 venues in each round (except for round 4 where the men's A Grade only will play at Hawkestone, requiring 3 venues to be used)

Each host club will only host one round each season, but the course will be full of pennant players. This will force closure of that course for that day, which takes away confusion previously caused around course closure. It will also be more worthwhile for club services such as catering and bar, which will have more people to serve that day. Also Manawatu Wanganui will roster on representatives to be at each of the venues every round. This change also means that the women's and men's competitions will be played at the same venues together.

Venues have been selected based on all men's A Grade and women's Championship teams getting a home round, and clubs in the men's B Grade without a team in the A Grade also getting a home round. The men's C Grade and Handicap competitions will be completely neutral with no team getting a home round. Handicap pennant will again be split into 2 sections.

It is hoped that a new results system will be up and running before round one, which will enable results to go live online the moment results are known. Manawatu Wanganui Golf are working with Golf NZ to enable this feature.

A potential issue that Manawatu Wanganui Golf will try and stay on top of is slow play, as there will be more players out on the course. Players will be advised of their expectations around speed of play and this will be monitored to ensure that all players are abiding. We do not believe that there are slow teams, but there are certainly some slow individuals. These individuals need to be managed to ensure their speed of play improves.

To see the 2021 dates and venues please click here. (Note it is still possible that some venues could change slightly due to changes in the draw).

Clubs will be advised of any changes that occur, and confirmation of start times for each round will also be provided shortly.