Golf at Alert Level 3

On Tuesday April 28 NZ moves into alert level 3 and with this we have confirmation that golf can be played, but with many restrictions. The exact restrictions will be announced shortly and will be added below when we get these. What we do know is that you will only be able to play within your bubbles, and clubhouses, pro shops etc will not be allowed to open. Each club will have to manage the restrictions the best they can, but it is going to rely on golfers to do their part to ensure that restrictions are adhered to. Golf will be being watched during this time, and breaches of the rules will not only give golf a bad name, but could risk a ban being put back on golf until level 2.

Members are advised to seek clarification from their clubs as to the procedure for playing golf at their club, before any attempt is made to play. For many of us we will only be out playing by ourselves, unless you have other players from within your bubble. A procedure to manage tee off times and appropriate gaps will need to be in place, as well as a process to contact trace. Some clubs may choose not to open if they believe it is too difficult to manage.