2013 Woman's Pennant Summary


Silver and District Pennants 2013 Summary

The 2013 silver and district pennants has been very competitive.  We were very lucky with the weather being very kind to us, with the exception of one round. 

The 10 teams in the Silver Pennant  Eketahuna, Feilding, Levin Moutere, Levin Tararua, Manawatu, Marton, Pahiatua, Palmerston North, Rangatira and Wanganui all played in one section. This created for a great competition with every team having to play every other team.

Feilding shone throughout the competition beating every teams except Rangatira.  Ending the season with 16 team points and 42 game points.  The race for second was much closer, with every game counting right down to the last round.  Eketahuna was second with 10 team points and 29 game points, Levin Tararua was a close third with 10 team points and 28 game points, while Rangatira was only half a game point behind with 27.5 game points and 10 team points. 

The 14  teams entered in the District Competion played in 2 sections. Eketahuna, Feilding Green, Levin, Pahiatua, Palmerston North ONE, Rangatira and Wanganui in Section One.  With Castlecliff, Feilding Yellow, Foxton, Linton Camp, Manawatu, Marton and Palmerston North TWO making up Section Two. 

Strong competition between the teams in section one with Feilding Green coming out on top for the second year in a row with 9 team points and 16.5 game points.  Rangatira came second with 8 team points and 13.5 game points, only half a game point behind was Eketahuna with 13 game points and 8 team points. 

Linton Camp won section two with 9 team points and 16.5 game points, Marton came in a close second with 8 team points and 16 game points, third was Manawatu with 8 team points and 15.5 game points.  The final was played between Feilding Green and Linton Camp with Feilding Green winning District Pennants competition for the second year running.

Thank you to the Manawatu, Eketahuna, Palmerston North, Rangatira, Castlecliff, Foxton, Wanganui, Rangitikei and Levin clubs for hosting pennants for the 2013 season. 

Championship and Weekend Pennant Summary

February 2013 saw the start of the Manawatu Wanganui Weekend and Championship Pennant competition. 

Championship Pennants had 7 teams of two playing match play off the stick so every round and every point would be needed. The results of the first round held at Taihape were unfortunately influenced by a one player default by Pahiatua giving Marton and Palmerston North an easy point each. With the two Manawatu teams halving against each other in the morning, Manawatu White halving against Levin A and Marton halving against Levin B in the afternoon things were tight. Levin A and Marton were even at the top just two points ahead of Palmerston North (who had the morning bye) and Manawatu White. 

After rounds 3 & 4 Levin A snuck ahead of Marton by 1.5 points while Palmerston North was 1.5 points ahead of Manawatu White. 

The big move happened in rounds 5 & 6 with Marton coming in with full points and Levin A falling away with no points, leaving room for Palmerston North to get within 2 points of the leaders, Marton. Levin A were half a point behind on 3rd knowing they had completed their run having the bye in the final round. This would give Manawatu White the opportunity to overtake Levin A if they could get full points from Pahiatua.

The final round had added pressure with the top two teams playing each other. Full points to Palmerston North and they could overrun Marton. Further down the table the competition was on for Manawatu Red, who would be striving to move up ahead of their counterparts Manawatu White, and keep ahead of Levin B who they were playing against. Palmerston North couldn’t quite overcome Marton and the teams halved leaving Marton on top two points ahead. Manawatu white won their encounter but were half a point shy of overtaking Levin A so finished 3rd equal and Manawatu Red got full points against Levin B but 1.5 points behind the 3rd place getters. 

As a new competition Weekend Pennants proved to be a very tight contest. With two players per team and handicap match play the 11 teams would be battling it out over the entire 11 rounds as anything could happen. 

The first round we had Linton Camp leading the way 2 points ahead of Feilding with Wanganui and Taihape half a point back. 
Rounds 3 & 4 Rangitikei moved ahead with Marton and Pahiatua even on just 1.5 points back and Linton Camp and Taihape just half a point further back. 

Rounds 5 & 6 Rangitikei increased their lead by 3 ahead of Pahiatua who moved ahead of Marton and Taihape by two points. The rest of the field were just siting half a point behind each other.

Marton shot to the lead with full points in rounds 7 & 8 while Rangitikei fell away with no points. Pahiatua were still in there half a point behind and Taihape sitting 3rd just 1.5 points back. 

Marton remained in the lead after rounds 9 & 10 despite having the bye in the morning the full points in the afternoon keeping them just a half  point this time ahead of Feilding. Taihape were still in the mix 2 points back and Pahiatua 4th
This meant the race was on for the top three teams in the final round. Marton were playing Rangatira needing a win. Feilding playing Wanganui needing the win and Taihape playing Pahiatua needing the win. 

The placing’s remained the same with all teams managing wins giving Marton the Weekend Pennant winners’ title by half a point ahead of Feilding and Taihape 3rd ahead of Pahiatua. The final table was very close with many a team only half a point behind. 

Marton managed a very good 2013 season with wins in the Championship Pennant competition and also the Weekend Pennants competition. The close competition amongst the teams created a great challenge for all.