Women dominant in Judy Pearson Salver

The team of Zhuoyi Hu, Lisa Herbert, Casey Chettleburgh, Katherine Paskins, Lily Griffin, Mudra Lakhani, Lisa Cotton and Sera Raj enjoyed a terrific win over in the Hawkes Bay. Travelling with the Judy Pearson Salver and intent on returning with the silver ware the team had a good introduction to the Mareanui Golf course where the Toro will be held later in the year. The morning reverse singles was won 7/1 and the afternoon singles won 6 ½ /1 ½ . The loss was actually not a played win by Hawkes Bay Poverty Bay as unfortunately Casey had to retire, after 4 holes played, with an injury. The 13 ½ / 2 ½ is the second very solid win in the Rep calendar. Well done team!!