Shotstohole Statistics


When we watch golf on TV the commentators always seem to have the most amazing statistics like how many putts are holed from 12-15ft, who is the best player on tour from 80-100yds and so on - now you can find these stats out about your play too thanks to the extremely easy to use Shotstohole programme designed in Australia. NZ Golf have contracted the system to look after their Academy and Development Squad players in a bid to provide more concise information to players and coaches, joining two other national and mutliple district/state entities already using the system. 

Local players Trent Munn, Josh Munn and Tyler hodge were recently introduced to the programme and they will now be using the system which also allows their coaches, Andre White and Stephen Wood, access to their individual stats as well as full NZ Academy averages.

There  are two packages available which you can find at