Rangatira 1st & 2nd in Silver Pennants

Silver and District Pennants has now wound up for the season.

District Pennants had a slightly different format this year with semi-final rounds and a final round.The top four teams played off with Marton winning against Rangatira and Wanganui and Castlecliff halving. Wanganui scraped through on countback. The final was then Marton versus Wanganui. Wanganui won three games with Marton two. 

Congratulations to Wanganui winners for 2019.

In Silver Pennants the final round was really all about who was going to get 2nd! Rangatira Pink had first place already sewn up with 14 points. Rangatira had 11 points while two teams were on 10 and two on 9. With a half and one point Rangatira Blue did enough to get 2nd, while Levin had a win and two points enough to jump up from 9 to 11 points and therefore 3rd!

Congratulations to Rangatira Pink and Blue for their 2019 winning season and to all the teams that just kept on playing well done!!!

Below: Rangatira Pink - Silver winners

Below: Rangatira Blue - Silver runner-up

Below: Wanganui - District winners

Below: Marton - District Runners up