Manawatu win A Pennant

The Manawatu Golf Club A Pennant team won the A Pennant final yesterday on their home track, against Feilding 6 - 3. Trailing 2 - 1 after the morning foursomes, the Manawatu players lifted in the afternoon singles matches with 4 wins and two halved matches. The result was actually a lot closer than the 6 - 3 final result indicated, and Manawatu only confirmed the win in the final stages of the match.

Manawatu was awarded the home final by being the top seed after round robin play. Feilding got the better of the Manawatu team when they battled at Hawkestone during round robin, which shows that there is not a lot between the two teams.

The individual results from the day:

Manawatu 6 Feilding 3

C Nash & M Francis lost to D Walker & T Ward 2down
E Westergaard & R Perry halved with M Atkins & J Humphrey
R McConaghty & G Shaw halved with L Finlayson & T Chettleburgh

Craig Nash beat Trevor Ward 2/1
Matt Francis halved with Damian Walker
Greg Shaw halved with James Humphrey
Reid Perry beat Michael Atkins 2up
Ewan Westergaard beat Tony Chettleburgh 3/2
Regan McConaghty beat Liam Finlayson 3/2