B Grade finals day at Wanganui GC

The semi finalists of the B Grade have been found, but despite the rules stating that the venue will be at the home course of the winner of round robin, it will now be played at the neutral venue of Wanganui Golf Club, rather than Castlecliff.

Castlecliff have just cored their greens which would have made the condition of the greens unsuitable for finals play, however a Castlecliff representative has also indicated that they are in favour of the neutral finals venue.

This will no doubt be up for discussion at next weeks club captains meeting to see if a rule change should be introduced for 2018. It seems that most clubs in the competition agree that the venue should be neutral as both the semi final and finals are played on the same day in this competition.

Currently in the A grade competition the semi finals are held at a neutral venue, but the final is played at the venue of the top seeded qualifier. Perhaps discussion could be directed toward that rule also?

The decision by the committee to have a home course advantage in the final was to encourage all teams to put forward their best teams throughout the season, rather than just trying to finish in the top 4.

Semi finals and finals on Sunday April 30 at Wanganui Golf Club

Castlecliff versus Linton Camp

Hawkestone versus Marton

Match winners to play each other in the final that afternoon.