Reciprocal Rights

With the start of the new pennant season it would be wise for club administrators to be aware of the rules around the reciprocal rights agreement amongst clubs. We have had one recent issue already this year, which is never pleasant for anyone involved, so we ask that people become familiar with the rules.

The main things to note is that reciprocal rights is available only when a course is required to be closed for pennant competition such as Men's A Grade & Palmanui, B Grade and Handicap Pennants. Members of clubs hosting an event will have reciprocal rights at other clubs that are in the same competition.

Members wishing to play on another course under this arrangement must make a booking in advance of playing at another course, and if that is not done, the club are within their rights to turn you away. Unfortunately we are very aware that not all clubs are easy to get hold of due to their volunteer nature, but we will try and keep the contact details on our contacts page as up to date as we can. Please try and make arrangements early to ensure contact can be made.

Clubs are within their rights to restrict the number of spots available on their course to just 12 players, or they can open it up to as many players as they wish. Clubs are also within their rights to not allocate any reciprocal rights on their course due to other events closing their course, or if demand does not allow. If that is the case you will be advised of that when trying to make a booking.

We ask that all players respect the reciprocals, and that clubs make every effort to welcome players. After all we are very much in a customer service environment.

Click here to view the reciprocal rights document