Handicapping updates from NZ Golf

The following is an update from NZ Golf regarding Handicapping.

NZ Golf continue to liaise with the USGA on two fronts. The first is to stay informed and contribute where possible to the thinking surrounding a world handicap system. The second is to look at how our current system could be changed to better suit our playing environment.

Last year NZ Golf received regular feedback relating to the slow movement of handicaps for those that are 9 hole members. The life of a ‘tournament score’ was also a popular topic. Progress is being made in regard to each of these with DotGolf looking at a change in calculation to the best five of ten 18 hole scores for the 9 hole member. NZ Golf will also reduce the life of a ‘tournament score’ from 12 to 6 months. The timeframe for implementation is mid-winter.

Three changes were introduced last year. Golf Club’s now have the ability to modify a members handicap if the handicap committee agree that the formula is not fairly representing the players current ability. There are 46 players currently with a modified handicap with most of them adjusted up.

Members can now travel abroad, play a USGA rated golf course, and bring their score card home to be entered for handicap purposes. The number of scores entered aren’t significant at the moment and steps need to be taken to make all our members aware that this is now possible.

The final change was to provide clubs with the ability to identify professional golfers who enter scores for a handicap. This is illustrated by a ‘P’ following their handicap index.

Matchplay Cards

There seems to have been some confusion in regard to match play cards with some clubs believing they now no longer need to be entered for handicapping. This is incorrect. What may have caused such confusion is that a list of exemptions has been created, whereby some matches could be played, and it is not a requirement for cards to be entered for handicapping.

Click here to view information about exemptions, when cards must be handed in, and about "most likely score"

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